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Snapshot of BennyDemus.TV

Redesigned Intl SuperStar Benny-Demus website: BennyDemus.TV

We recently Redesigned Intl. SuperStar Benny-Demus website: www.BennyDemus.TV – We custom developed a new color scheme and layout. We also added new content. New content is added to the website regularly. We developed the original version as well.

“Benny-Demus / Benny-D.” is a World Famous Super Producer, DJ, Entertainer, Star, Celebrity, Song Writer, Screenwriter, Actor and International Phenom. He is Akon’s Official DJ, Music Director, Producer and Member of Konvict Muzik Record Label. He’s also Pres/CEO of SuperVillain Beats, and the Official DJ for Stars: Eve, Planet VI and Verse Simmonds.

Image IZ Everything / Cheavor is the Official Web Developer, Web Producer & Webmaster for Famed Super Producer “Benny-D. / Benny-Demus” for over 7 years. We developed, designed & maintains his official website www.BennyDemus.TV

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