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License Types

License Types

Sell copies of your Licensed Images in several license types: Personal, Commercial, Exclusive.

You can offer four different license download products:
‘Wallpaper’: a 1440px x 900px (max) file for personal use.
‘Screen Size’: a 1440px x 900px (max) file for commercial use.
‘Original Size’: the original size image (native camera resolution) for commercial use.
‘Exclusive’: the original size image (native camera resolution) for exclusive use.

You can define what uses are allowed to your customers based on a simple set of pre-defined terms for ‘Commercial’ and ‘Exclusive’ licenses.

There is also a “Contact Photographer” option that can be enabled, where the customer will be asked to fill in a form about their intended use of the image. You then receives a message about the licensing inquiry, and can communicate back-and-forth with the customer via messages in the Dashboard to arrange a price and license terms.