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Website Maintenance Plans

Image IZ Everything – Website Maintenance Plans: Presuming you have a Dynamic, SEO-Friendly, Professional website that you’ve invested your money in, Now the real work begins, Website Maintenance. Having your website regularly maintained is Vital to the integrity of your site’s security, and also to it’s compatibility with the ever changing internet technology. It’s crucial to have your website reflect your ever improving & evolving Brand. Websites don’t remain functional and secure on their own. Source-code, plugins, applications, softwares and scripts often need to be upgraded and modified to remain operational & secure.

If you had a mechanical problem with your car or needed a paint job, you wouldn’t tackle it yourself, you’d take it to a professional. It’s the same way with a professional website. It’s not wise to make technical changes to your valuable website, unless you are an Expert. One error or miss-step can result in problems you’d have to pay an Expert to fix. Causing you a lost of Time & Money. That’s were Image IZ Everything comes in. We can handle all of your website maintenance, changes and updates.

We have over 20+ Years Expert Experience in Professional Web Development, and have developed & maintained well over a 1,000 Professional Websites. We’d love to have you as a Valued Client.

Benefits of our Website Maintenance Plans:

  • Save Time & Money.
  • Receive priority over non-maintenance clients.
  • We occasionally make additional changes at no-cost (we decide).
  • Updates of Content/Verbiage/Copy, SEO Keywords, Coding, Graphics, Plugins & Applications.
  • Adding new products to your website. Especially useful with a E-commerce website.
  • Timely updates to your website(s).
  • Billed at a Flat Monthly rate reserved for Active Clients (Normally $200/hr & up).
  • Reduced Rates for Quarterly, Semi-annual & Annual Billing.
  • Free consultation on new features and ways to improve your website (Plans C, Gold & Platinum).
  • We will monitor your website for technical issues.
  • You’ll have a peace-of-mind knowing your website is being professionally maintained.
Plan A – $200/mth Plan B – $400/mth Plan C – $600/mth Plan Gold – $2000/mth Plan Platinum – $4800/mth
* 6 updates a month. * 12 updates a month. * 18 updates a month. * 60 updates a month. * Unlimited Updates.
$200 – Monthly
$540 – Qtrly (Save $60)
$960 – Semi (Save $240)
$1680 – Annual (Save $720)
$400 – Monthly
$1080 – Qtrly (Save $120)
$1920 – Semi (Save $480)
$3360 – Annual (Save $1440)
$600 – Monthly
$1620 – Qtrly (Save $180)
$2880 – Semi (Save $720)
$5040 – Annual (Save $2160)
$2000 – Monthly
$5200 – Qtrly (Save $800)
$10.4K- Semi (Save $1600)
$20K – Annual (Save $4K)
$4800 – Monthly
$12.4K – Qtrly (Save $2K)
$24.8K- Semi (Save $4K)
$49.6K – Annual (Save $8K)
* Monthly Billing Cycles are to maintain 1 website. Cycles larger than Monthly can maintain Multiple websites.
* Reduced Rates for Quarterly (3 mos.), Semi-annual (6 mos.) & Annual (Yearly) Billing. Savings in Parenthesis ( )
* Each Update = 45 Minutes of work or less (in some cases: several small tasks may count as 1 update).
During the Sign Up process you will have the option to Select the Recurring Billing Cycle you’d like to purchase for big savings.
We Accept Credit Card & PayPal Payments.
After you purchase a plan, you can submit a support ticket in our secure Client Center, outlining the updates you’d like done, and any information you’d like to provide us.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: (646)580-5835. Availble 24 Hours. Thank You for considering to do business with us.