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Database Backup Plans

Description: Database Backup of your Mysql Databases from your website server(s) on your hosting account. Weekly backups on a on-going basis. You choose the day(s) of the week you’d like to schedule backups.

Backing up your Databases is one of the Smartest things you can do for your website. When was the last time you Backed-Up your Databases? This important step is often over-looked, and under-prioritized.

Your databases contain all the crucial content of your website and should be treated as such. Content is King. Knowing your information is available if you ever have a situation where your databases got corrupted or deleted, can save costly time, money and give you a peace of mind.

You put a lot of time, money and effort in your website and content. Your Databases are growing every single day you publish new content to your website, and get visitors. The growth of your website is a great thing. It’s also more valuable everyday. Don’t let your hard-work go to waste.

You can go days or weeks without ever having an issue with your databases. But you can also go weeks or months of downtime, work that has to be re-done, time and money if you ever have a problem with your databases. It’s just not worth it to take a risk with your important content.

We recommend that backup procedures include backing up your database regularly and keeping a copy of that backup in a secure location where it can be recovered in the event of a natural disaster, hardware loss, or other emergency.

Many websites are Database Driven. If your website is a: E-commerce, WordPress, Blogging, Corporate, Entertainment or Membership website it is Database Driven. There are other types of websites that fall into this category. You SHOULD have your database(s) backed-up periodically on a regular schedule. This should really go without saying, but backing up any website (not just a WordPress site) on a regular basis is extremely important.

For Example: WordPress is run on a MySQL database. This is what stores all of your blog posts, all of your pages, all of your links, and all of your settings (blog name, description, etc.). Backing up this database on a regular basis is very important, especially if you frequently publish content.

Image IZ Everything can backup your website databases for you, with one of our “Database Backup” Plans. We have 3 backup plans to fit your budget or needs. We can backup your databases more frequently if you want.

Plan A – $100/mth Plan B – $200/mth Plan C – $300/mth
* 4 Backups a month.
* 1 Backup a week.
* 8 Backups a month.
* 2 Backups a week.
* 12 Backups a month.
* 3 Backups a week.
$100 – Monthly
$275 – Quarterly (Save $25)
$500 – Semi-annually (Save $100)
$950 – Annually (Save $250)
$200 – Monthly
$500 – Quarterly (Save $100)
$860 – Semi-annually (Save $340)
$1500 – Annually (Save $900)
$300 – Monthly
$750 – Quarterly (Save $150)
$1280 – Semi-annually (Save $520)
$2250 – Annually (Save $1350)
* Reduced Rates for Quarterly (3 mos.), Semi-annual (6 mos.) & Annual (Yearly) Billing. Savings in Parenthesis ( ).
During the Sign Up process you will have the option to Select the Recurring Billing Cycle you’d like to purchase for big savings.

We accept various secure payment methods: PayPal (VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover), Netspend, Western Union & Western Union Prepaid Services (available everywhere).

Included With Each Plan:

* We will Download / Backup your databases from your server, located in your PhpMyadmin or in your Godaddy Hosting Account (if you have one).

* We will store your databases/backups for 2 months, up to 200mb.

* You can select the day(s) of the week you’d like to have your backups scheduled for.

* We can simply deposit the backup databases directly into your Dropbox account folder, each time we perform a backup. You will automatically have a copy of every backup on your computer.

Dropbox is a free service used by millions of people world-wide that lets you bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. It synchronizes all your files in your Dropbox folder on your computer to all your computers instantly. You can even access your files from your Smartphone with the Dropbox App. It’s a great way to store & share files.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions: (646)580-5835. Availble 24 Hours. Thank You for considering to do business with us. We appreciate your business.