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This is our general pricing structure. All of our website projects are custom priced. This is merely our rates for various web technologies. You’ll need to fillout the PRICE QUOTE FORM to get a customized price on your project. The figures on the left show our rates. The figures on the right show what the industry standard rates are for experts.

Our Expert Prices Expert Industry Pricing
Service Price Per Hour Service Price Per Hour
Basic HTML $150 Database Programming $250
E-Commerce $200 Strategy/Planning $360
Graphics custom pricing Java/Shockwave $315
Maintenance custom pricing Design $280
Complex site custom pricing CGI Scripting $250
Consultation FREE for Clients Copyrighting $235
Flash Animation custom pricing Basic HTML $190
Enhanced CD (E-CD) $1,000 & up


We believe the key to success is having satisfied customers that we can build a long-lasting relationship with. With our affordable prices, our clients can see that we have their best interest at heart. All of our websites are custom designed by an Expert Web Designer (Mr. Duggins, President of Image IZ Everything), to ensure that it fits your vision & needs.

We can also Maintain your website. Maintenance cost vary dependent on the size of your site and frequency of updates. You can join our Maintenance Plan and save.

We also would place a link on our website to your new site, which would generate additional traffic to your site.

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