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What are the various costs involved in getting a website?

The various costs involved in getting a website depends on the type of website and features involved.

The basic fees are:

A) The cost of the website. This depends on the scope of the project, or your budget.

B) Hosting Fees. The cost depends on the platform required (Godaddy Esp. Shared Hosting $9/mth, Dedicated Server $150/mth). For the vast majority of websites a Shared Hosting account is more than adequate.

C) Domain Fee (Godaddy Esp $10/yearly).

After the development of your website there can be other fees that are optional:

A) Website Maintenance Plan, to keep your Website(s) fully updated with new content.

B) Database Backup Plan, to have your website’s database regularly backed-up as a safety measure.

C) Promotion Plan, to have your Website(s) promoted effectively for you.